Locations of servers edit

We do everything in our power to keep our user data safe. First of all we don’t collect data we don’t need and we go a step further.


By storing the data in Iceland we get a notification before any goverment wants to peek in the data. Because we encrypted the server where we store the data it’s a matter of powering off the server and nobody can access the data. Iceland is known for it’s brave privacy actions towards the freedom of speech concerning journalists.

Our founder Adriaan wrote a blog post (which went viral on Hacker News) about why we moved our servers to Iceland.

Network of servers

Having a server in Iceland is great for privacy and environmental benefits, but it’s only one location on the world. So if a visitor visits a webpage of one of our customers it’s slower at the other side of the world. This is why we will offer another solution. And it will be very fast!

We are working on an option for our customers so they can choose how the stats from their customers’ browser will travel to our servers. In any case the data ends up in our main server in Iceland.