Bypass ad-blockers edit

Simple Analytics never collects any personal identifiable information. Ad-blockers see us just any other analytics company and some of the ad-blockers are blocking our domain as a result. To prevent your stats being blocked as a result we allow you to setup a bypass. This basically hides Simple Analytics’ server name from the browser by redirecting a subdomain to our domain.

Setup a custom subdomain

You only need access to your DNS to set this up. Add a CNAME record to your DNS pointing to (including the last dot .) and fill in your own full domain here. We advise to choose a domain like instead of (tracking, analytics, collect, and similar keywords are usually blocked).

You will need to enable the record in your website settings on Simple Analytics. We need to know this to request a certificate with Let’s Encrypt. This means your analytics will travel safe via HTTPS to our servers.

If you are using CloudFlare, make sure to disable the orange cloud.