Ignore metrics edit

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Our script only collects non-personal data. Some customers might want to limit our metrics even more. That’s why we created the ignore metrics feature.

Metric Slug Inferrered metric
Referrer referrer  
UTM codes utm ref param
Country / time zone country  
Session IDs session  
Time on page timeonpage Data point ID, Page ID
Scrolled scrolled Data point ID, Page ID
User Agent useragent  
Screen size screensize  
Viewport size viewportsize  
Language language  

See page where we explain those metrics.

Script setting data-ignore-metrics

You can enable this feature by adding data-ignore-metrics=... to our script embed:


In this case, it will not collect a Session ID.

Comma separated

If you have multiple metrics you want to ignore you can separate them with a comma:


Ignore all metrics

To ignore all metrics that you can ignore, you can use this embed script:


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