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We believe adding a website to Simple Analytics should be a painless process.

Painless process

We have many ways to make this process easier:

  • Our onboarding flow is fantastic:
    • it recommends plugins that a specifically relevant for the just added website,
    • it shows the required steps in a beautiful format,
    • and customers can forward it to their tech team.
  • When adding our embed script is that you don’t have to create a website in our dashboard first.
  • Customers also don’t need to verify their domain.
  • Customers don’t need to create a website ID every time they add a website.

We think it should be as painless as possible to add our embed script, without thinking.


Our embed script works by grabbing the website name from the URL (you can overwrite this) so our customers don’t have to. When a customer leaves Simple Analytics we don’t want other customers to be able to collect data for an embed script that might still be installed. That’s why we store a website hash of every website that is deleted. When another customer tries to add a website we compare this with a list of website hashes that are deleted. If there is a match, we require to verify that domain.

This way it’s super easy to add our script, and your data will never fall in the wrong hands.