Collect events for link clicks edit

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The automated events script does collect events for outbound links. It does not require any coding, just adding a script. You probably want to use that script.

If you want to collect events for other links or control a bit more on how it works, you can use the code below. Let’s say you have a HTML page with this content:

<p>This is <a href="/">a link</a>.</p>

Then you can use this code to add a data-sa-link-event-helper that will collect an event for link clicks:

  (function () {
    function saLoadedLinkEvents() {
        .forEach(function (element) {
          var href = element.getAttribute("href");
          var eventName = element.getAttribute("data-sa-link-event");
          if (!href || !window.sa_event || !window.sa_loaded) return;

          element.addEventListener("click", function (event) {
            var target = element.getAttribute("target");
            if (target === "_blank") {
              window.sa_event(eventName, function () {
                window.location.href = href;
              return false;
            } else {
              return true;

    if (document.readyState === "ready" || document.readyState === "complete") {
    } else {
      document.addEventListener("readystatechange", function (event) {
        if ( === "complete") saLoadedLinkEvents();

After your installed the helper, somewhere on the page, you can change your HTML like this:

<p>This is <a href="/" data-sa-link-event="link_name_text">a link</a>.</p>

It will then collect an events called “link_name_text” every time a visitor clicks on that link.