Compliance FAQ edit

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Simple Analytics is GDPR-compliant from the installation. We update our product according to new regulations. You don’t need to worry about anything.

If you want to learn more, we answer some common questions below. You can also refer to this page for in-depth legal information.

How is Simple Analytics GDPR compliant?

Simple Analytics is GDPR-compliant out of the box because it does not collect personal data. We do not use cookies and carefully avoid collecting any metrics that could be used for fingerprinting. None of the data we collect fall under the GDPR.

You can learn more about the data we collect here.

Simple Analytics does not require user consent. We do not use personal data to provide our customers with analytics insights.

Simple Analytics does not require a cookie banner, a privacy notice, or pop-ups of any sort. Simple Analytics allows you to build a better user experience and still get the analytics insights you need while complying with privacy regulations.

Does Simple Analytics transfer data outside the EU?

Simple Analytics processes data without any transfers outside the EU. We only rely on trusted, GDPR-compliant European data processors with data centers in the EU.

If you are a customer outside the EU, Simple Analytics will forward the data to you to provide the service. No personal data need to be transferred, so the GDPR does not apply. This allows us to forward the data to customers worldwide without the compliance burdens associated with data transfers under the GDPR.

Do I need a Data Processing Agreement to use Simple Analytics?

No data processing agreement is needed. Our customers are not controllers of personal data under the GDPR.

Do I need to mention Simple Analytics in my privacy policy?

You do not need to mention Simple Analytics in your privacy policy, but we still encourage you to do so to be as transparent as possible with your users. You can find a template here