Passwords edit

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You can always login with just your email. Some users like to login with a password. This can be faster than with email only.

We know you can share your passwords with colleagues, but it’s not allowed with the Starter plan. Only with the Business plan.

Here are the steps you need to take to reset or set your password:

  1. Make sure to be logged in (you can always use email login).

  2. Go to your account settings.

  3. In account settings you see a link (when you didn’t setup a password yet) to setup a password. Click this link:

  4. Fill in a password (a) and click on the “Update password” button (b).

    Make sure the password is long, we don’t enforce this, but length is the most important security of a password.

  5. Once saved you see the confirmation message saying “Password is successfully updated”