Overwrite path edit

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Let’s say you want to change the path of your page views (and events). You have profiles of users on your website (https://example.com/profiles/@adriaan), but don’t want to see the profile name in your dashboard. But you do want to record that profiles did get visits.

This is how you set up a myPathOverwriter-function for that usecase:

  function myPathOverwriter({ path }) {
    if (path.startsWith("/profiles/")) path = "/profiles/***";
    return path;

You can specify the path callback function via data-path-overwriter, in the example above, you specify the myPathOverwriter-function. The function gets an object as argument in which you find the path key. If the function errors or it returns a falsy value, we keep the original path.

If you want to omit those page views completely, you can use our ignore pages feature.