Block your visits extension edit

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If you are a customer of Simple Analytics and you want to block your own visits this extension is for you. With it enabled your stats will not include your visits.

Download the extension for Google Chrome or Firefox. If you want to block your visits on your iPhone, use our app. For Safari on desktop visit this tutorial.

We do this via an extension so we don’t need to record IP addresses. It basically blocks requests on websites where you give permission for.

When you click on the icon you are asked to allow the extension to load the data from the current website. This is needed to block the visits. You need to do this once per website. We don’t get access to other websites.

When a visits is blocked it shows as a counter on the icon. The counter does reset when you close your tab. For more stats of blocked visits you can go to the options page.

On the options page you will find all websites being blocked and you can change what the extension should block.

Do you want to block your visits on all your websites without enableing them for every website? Check our tutorial on how to do this in Google Chrome.

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, go to our website and let us know!

For now the extension is only available in Chrome and Firefox. Opera and Edge are coming.