Trigger custom page views edit

Normally you want to trigger a custom page view for Single Page Apps (SPA’s) like React, Vue, and Angular. Because pages are not completely reloaded on navigation we need a way to track those navigations as page views.

For some analytics tools like Google Analytics you need to trigger a page view via their script. For Simple Analytics this is different.

You don’t have to implement anything to detect page views in SPA’s

Technical explanation

We make this work by overwriting the native pushState-function of the browser.

// We check if the browser supports pushState
if (history.pushState && Event && dispatchEvent) {

  // We create a listener based on the original browser feature
  var stateListener = function(type) {
    var orig = history[type]
    return function() {
      var rv = orig.apply(this, arguments)
      var event = new Event(type)
      event.arguments = arguments
      return rv

  // We connect our own created a listener to the pushState feature
  history.pushState = stateListener('pushState')

  // Now we can listen for pushState events and keep the original feature of the browser working
  window.addEventListener('pushState', function() {
    // Here we trigger the page view

You can read our source code on GitHub.