Team roles edit

When you have the Teams plan, you can invite users to your Simple Analytics account. Every user has their own role. You can add those users to all your websites (and custom views), or a selection of them.


An owner is the first admin of a team, and every team has one owner. The owner has full control over all settings, users, and data. They have the same permissions as an admin. When they leave the team, they need to assign their owner role to another team member.


Admins can manage team members, adjust settings, and oversee daily operations. They have comprehensive access to all features and functionalities, ensuring smooth management of the team’s activities and resources.


Analysts play a crucial role in working with the dashboards, goals, and events. They can add, change, and remove goals, update custom views (but not delete them), and modify some website settings related to dashboard viewing. They can add email reports (and only remove the ones they added). Analysts have the capability to import Google Analytics data, or export raw data if it is included in the plan, allowing for detailed analysis and reporting. However, they do not have permission to reset website data, ensuring data integrity.


Developers focus on the technical aspects of the analytics dashboard. They can do everything that an analyist can and more. They can add websites to the team, and modify website settings such as visibility (public/private), custom domain, and alerts for no traffic. Additionally, developers have the authority to reset website data, which can be useful during significant updates or troubleshooting.

Finance Manager

Finance Managers handle all financial aspects of the team. They can update billing information, manage subscriptions, and cancel them if necessary. This role is essential for maintaining the financial health of the team, ensuring that all financial transactions and subscriptions are up-to-date and properly managed. If you don’t want the finance manager to see the analytics data, make sure to select “No websites” when you invite them, otherwise they will get read-only permissions to your selected websites.


Viewers have restricted access with read-only permissions. They can view dashboards, goals, and events, but cannot edit anything. Viewers can only change their own account settings, allowing them to customize their user experience to some extent without affecting team data or configurations.

General permissions

All accounts have the ability to delete their own account, giving users control over their participation in the team.