Install Simple Analytics with Docusaurus edit

Docusaurus is an optimized site generator in React. Docusaurus helps users to move fast and write content. Build documentation websites, blogs, marketing pages, and more. To use it with Simple Analytics, you can use our Docusaurus plugin.


Run the following command to install the plugin:

npm install docusaurus-plugin-simple-analytics --save

Then, add the plugin to docusaurus.config.js:

plugins: [
  ['docusaurus-plugin-simple-analytics', {}],

Custom domain

The property domain lets you specify your custom domain.


plugins: [
  ['docusaurus-plugin-simple-analytics', {
    domain: ''


The plugin has no effect in development.

Special thanks

Developed by Frédéric Massart from (@branchup).

Source code

The source code for this plugin is public at GitHub.