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Exciting news, our public script just got a massive update. We are now at V9.

Ignore metrics

Our script does only collect non-personal data. But some customers might want to limit our metrics even more. That’s why we created the ignore metrics feature.

Add metadata to events & page views

You can now add metadata to your data. Although you can’t see it in our dashboard or APIs currently, it’s possible to send the data already.

Overwrite path

You can now change the path of your page views and events before they are sent to our servers.

Allow extra URL parameters

By default, we collect all UTM parameters and the ref (which is short for utm_source) parameter. We don’t store the rest of the query parameters. But some customers have non-personal data in their query parameters—for example, product-id or article-slug. We allow collecting those parameters now as well as long as they will be specified via our script settings.

Detect browsers better

We improved the way we identify Brave. In recent versions of the Brave browser, you will get the Brave version as well.

Both Polypane and Responsively will be registered as robots.

Non-unique hostnames

Suppose you redirect your visitors to a payment provider, and after they complete the payment, they return to your website. Because of the nature of not tracking visitors in Simple Analytics, we count those “returning” visitors as new visitors. To prevent this from happening, you can specify the hostname of that payment provider to tell us we should register this visit as non-unique.


  • Fixed issue with sendBeacon that didn’t always sent data back to our servers (#)
  • Fixed missing source map for SRI version

If you are a developer you might want to see what changed in our open-source repository.