Use website data in Can I Use edit

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If you ware a developer you know the website Can I use provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers. It’s super useful when you develop features for your visitors.

We don’t support the export format required by Can I Use anymore.

Can I use shows percentages of support of features you can use in the browser. Let’s say you develop a new feature and you want to know how many of your visitors support Flexbox. You would search for Flexbox and find out the percentage of visitors around the world who support Flexbox. But, this does not say much about your visitors.

That’s where the Simple Analytics integrations comes in. Want to try it?

First you need to export your website data:

  1. Replace with your website name in this URL:
  2. Go to that URL
  3. Save the output as a .json file, caniuse.json for example
  4. Go to
  5. You will see this screen: image
  6. Click “Simple Analytics”
  7. Select the json file: image
  8. Click “Import”
  9. You will see a list of browser that are imported: image
  10. When searching for features, you will see your own visitors support: image