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WP Full Picture is a WordPress plugin with more features than the official Simple Analytics plugin.

WP Full Picture lets you:

  • Load Simple Analytics only in specific countries. Simply enable geolocation module and choose countries that you want to use SA in
  • Do not track page views until pages are actually viewed (e.g. when they are opened in tabs). This works out-of-the-box with no extra setup.
  • Turn off tracking for specific user roles and users who are not logged in (more information)
  • See traffic from some Android applications (requires extra setup)
  • Use custom domain for bypassing ad-blockers (after setting it up as described here)
  • Join traffic data from multiple websites under one domain without the need to modify the script
  • Run on localhost without having to modify the script
  • Track single-page websites (clicks on navigation links that scroll to different parts of the page will be counted as different page views)

See the plugin in action on a temporary Wordpress website on tastewp.com. Simply click this link to generate a new test site.

This is how the settings page looks:

Simple Analytics settings menu in WordPress' WP Full Picture plugin

How to install Simple Analytics with the WP Full Picture plugin

  1. Go to your WordPress admin
  2. Go to Plugins in your WordPress admin and click on Add new:
  3. Click on Search Plugins and type wp full picture
  4. Click on Install Now

  5. After this click on Activate
  6. On WP Full Picture page click on Choose modules
  7. Choose Simple Analytics and (optionally) Geolocation modules and save the changes

  8. This will install Simple Analytics on your website. If you want to change other settings mentioned above click on “Configure” in the Simple Analytics block.