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Is Simple Analytics compliant with the TTDSG?

Yes. § 25 is an implementation of Article 5 of the ePrivacy Directive (Directive 2002/58/EC) in German law. It covers several topics, including privacy rules for telecom providers, direct marketing, and the use of cookies and similar technologies.

Regarding cookies, the TTDSG adds no new legal requirement to those already provided for by the ePrivacy Directive. Simple Analytics is TTDSG compliant because it is ePrivacy compliant.

How does Simple Analytics comply with the TTDSG and the ePrivacy Directive?

The TTDSG and the ePrivacy Directive regulate the use of cookies and other technologies which access data stored in the end user’s terminal equipment, such as device trackers.

As a general rule, the use of these technologies is only allowed with the prior consent of the end user, with two exceptions:

  • the data are strictly necessary for communication
  • the data are necessary to provide a service at the user’s request.

Simple Analytics does not use cookies or process any data covered by the ePrivacy Directive or the TTDSG, no matter what setting our customer uses. For this reason, Simple Analytics complies with both laws by default and under any setting.