UK GDPR & PECR Compliance edit

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Is Simple Analytics compliant with the UK GDPR?

Yes, Simple Analytics is 100% compliant from installation- no tweaks required. Simple Analytics does not collect personal data to provide its service.

Is Simple Analytics compliant with the PECR?

Yes, Simple Analytics is compliant with the PECR. Crucially, Simple Analytics does not process any information covered by Section 6(3) PECR.

How does Simple Analytics comply with the UK GDPR?

The EU GDPR served as a blueprint for the UK GDPR. As a result, the two are very similar. All information we provide on our GDPR compliance pages also applies to the relevant provisions of the UK GDPR and the PECR. You can click here for surface-level information and here for in-depth information meant for legal teams.

Can a UK customer use Simple Analytics?

Yes. Simple Analytics collects anonymous metrics which do not qualify as personal data under the GDPR. The data can be sent to our customers anywhere in the world without the compliance burdens that come with transfers of personal data